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Business Consulting

For Organizations and Communities

Equila’s consulting approach integrates decades of experience across systems engineering, business, finance, sustainability, & depth psychology. In collaboration with our clients, we identify challenges, create visions of possibility, and share a journey of success.


Systems Foundations

Organizations and communities thrive when their foundational systems are robust and resilient. Equila has the tools and wisdom to quickly assess a variety of systems, develop plans, and then collectively build a strong foundation.

Offerings include: 

  • Business systems mapping
  • Relational assessments
  • Research & development
  • Financial, energy, &/or data modelling
  • Growth planning & implementation

Relational Development

Trusting relationships with open and transparent dialogue are essential for organizational and community well-being. Often unseen relational and systems dynamics limit trust, suppress dialogue, and create organizational friction. 

Equila utilizes a variety of relational development practices, based in circular approaches, that foster respectful and connected dialogue. Circular practices ensure all voices are heard, honour diverse perspectives, and cultivate new ideas.

Equila focuses on three relational development practices:

  • Council – a dedicated circle practice that fosters capacities to speak from the heart and listen attentively, while creating trusting team environments. 
  • Community Forums – a co-created series of conversations which cultivates community vision and voice, awareness of systemic limitations, and co-creation of community initiatives.
  • Restorative Justice – a process of restoring trust and open communication, while simultaneously repairing past harms.


Utilizing the creative power of circle, Design Labs guide participants through collaborative processes that build relationships, foster innovation, and co-create actionable steps towards achieving shared vision. Equila customizes each Design Lab to the needs of the client, and therefore requires foundational scoping, research, and design.

The Design Lab’s typically consist of the following outline: 

  1. Scoping Design & Discussions: Preliminary R&D and discussions with key people to flesh out further details of the initiative.
  2. Round Table Design 1: Diverse experts and stakeholders come together into 2-3 circles to build relations, explore viability, and co-create preliminary designs.
  3. Further Design & Refinement: Further development, often including: proforma, financing, pricing, technical details, partners, and corporate details.
  4. Round Table Design 2: Return for 2-3 additional circles to validate & refine current design, while helping to identify community resources.
  5. Community Presentation: Community presentation to tap collective intelligence for further input, validation, & wisdom gathering.
  6. Finalize Co-created Plan: Acquisition, growth, & team plan (including budget and requested community resources).


Traditionally organizations have top-down governance and management practices. Although widely adopted, these practices often limit dialogue and innovation, while creating unseen relational friction.

Equila utilizes proven self-governance and self-management practices, such as Holacracy & Sociocracy, to bring the power of circles into organizational systems – creating environments where everyone is a leader – not just those empowered at the top.

Self-governing organizations are guided by purpose, utilize robust practices to clearly distribute authority and domains of work, and provide clear processes to dynamically change the structure for optimal performance.  As a business owner, investor, and/or team member, you can trust self-governing systems to accelerate growth and innovation.

Lead Consultant

Shane Lapp

Shane Lapp, is a professional engineer (non-practicing) trained in business by a venture capitalist. Additionally, he has five-years of graduate studies in decolonial community depth psychology.

As an engineer, Shane spent over a decade at the forefront of green buildings and renewable energy generation where he specialized in thermodynamics and data modeling. In 2009, Shane became the first employee of a start-up alternative power development firm where he was groomed by a successful CEO and CFO; and within two years they had built the company into a $100+ million valuation. Shane has also held executive roles within two other renewable energy technology firms and a software startup.

In 2016, Shane began studying decolonial community depth psychology with the intention of understanding how to co-create truly sustainable systems for a thriving future. During his academic tenure, he attained a Masters and invested three-years into a PhD focused on economic transformation, which culminated in the co-creation of a living community economy, called the Okanagan Circular Society.

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