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No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it

Albert Einstein - Theoretical Physicist

Operating System Upgrade

Modern society is rich with technology, yet for the most part, it is impoverished socially and environmentally. Politically we are divided, and our leaders seem incapable of reconciling different perspectives – and in many cases, they fan the flames of division for political gain. Economically there is a small minority who hold vast wealth – which is often used to influence political policy – while the vast majority are living paycheque to paycheque. 

Taking a step back, we can begin to see that our modern society operates within systems that originated centuries ago, and that are quickly becoming outdated within the complexity of our current world.

In a sense, we’re running Microsoft Windows 1.0 on an advanced supercomputer. The outdated operating system is glitchy and full of bugs, and if we don’t update it soon, the whole system might crash, and/or, get hijacked by an external virus.

Systems Basics

Organizational and societal systems can be understood as patterns of relationships and interactions between base elements. These elements can include: humans, materials, technology, finance, and environment. Beyond the surface, systems are both developed from a certain consciousness, and once in place, create momentum in maintaining that consciousness. 

Fundamental to individual and collective consciousness are relational qualities, such as trust, sense of belonging, open dialogue. The consciousness of the system also determines how decisions are made and where resources flow.

Microsoft Windows 1.0: Triangular Systems

Modern organizations and societal systems are built around triangular patterns, where power and wealth are concentrated at the top. These triangular systems are based on management structures that create silos between departments / sectors. While triangular systems have their advantages, the tiered-down power relationships suppress creativity and innovation.

Triangular systems are deeply rooted throughout corporations (for-profit & non-profit), academia, government, banking / finance, and philanthropy. Western democracy, with representative governance is an example of tier-down power systems which perpetuates division and suppression of the minority voice. 

Within our triangular society, privately owned corporations have created vast amounts of power and wealth for certain individuals, however, it’s been at the cost of social and environmental well-being. Their management and ownership structure – with ultimate responsibility to shareholders wealth metrics – often result in mechanical / soulless work environments that contribute to psychological imbalances.

Within our communities, we see the effects of these triangular systems from our rapidly deteriorating environment, growing inequality, homelessness, and the epidemic of mental health challenges.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete

Buckminster Fuller - Architect, Inventor, & Systems Designer

Blockchain: Circular Systems

Organizations, communities, and our whole society is being invited to upgrade outdated triangular operating systems into ones that function similar to Blockchain technology. 

Here circular patterns with open communication and decentralized power ensure a continuous flow of energy and materials that maintain balance and reciprocity within the complexity of evolution. These circular patterns are inherent in ecological and Indigenous cultures, where robust practices and processes enable humans to sense and respond to environmental changes in real-time.

With centuries of momentum of triangular systems, transitioning into circular systems requires insight and capacities that re-weave relational practices while simultaneously developing capacities for self-governance. Fortunately, there are proven and scalable circular systems that exist, while the elements of triangular systems provide fertile ground for transitioning into a circular / ecological society.

Circular organizations and communities dissolve root causes of many challenges we are facing today, including creating environments of belonging, nurturing creative potential and critical thinking, and generation of community wealth. 

Utilizing a systems perspective enables us to look beyond the constraints of current triangular systems to see where the flow of energy (human, environmental, financial, etc) is stagnant, and/or, blocked. For example, we have more than enough financial wealth for communities to flourish, however, it’s locked away in private bank accounts, funding the stock market which perpetuates systemic challenges, and/or is sitting in philanthropic financial pools, such as private and community foundations, which return minimal wealth back to community. 

Circular organizations, communities, and societies unlock the creative potential of money, putting it back into the service of collective well-being.

The power of the world works in circles

Black Elk - Lakota Medicine Man

Transformative Consulting

Transformation is a specialized area that requires whole systems awareness and the capacity to both imagine, and then actionize, new possibilities.

Equila takes a transdisciplinary approach to transformation by integrating the wisdom of engineering, business, sustainability, & decolonial community psychology. The passionate team has decades of experience from across a variety of sectors, each blending their technical skills with mature relational capacity to navigate the complexity of systems change (both internal and external).

Pathways To Transformation

The journey into circular systems is unique for each organization and community as a number of dynamic factors determine the rate and depth of change. Equila utilizes an easy assessment process to quickly understand both relational and systemic challenges, and then identify pathways to co-create transformation.

Systems Foundations

Relational Development

Design Labs


Society Transformation

Okanagan Circular Society

Covid has accelerated the need for transformative systems change at a societal level. The current models of triangular governance, economics, and ownership have amplified cracks within our communities – while highlighting racial inequalities, growing wealth gaps, divisive politics, and limitations in responding to complex health challenges.

Equila, in partnership with the Okanagan coLab, are championing the development of a living bioregional economy with ecological self-governance, called the Okanagan Circular Society. The community created system is built on a holistic understanding of individual and collective well-being, and was designed with the purpose of co-creating community wealth & well-being.

In its simplest form, the Okanagan Circular Society is a non-profit corporation (charity status underway), which acquires and grows for-profit businesses within an ecological / circular framework. The innovative system reroutes individual and community financial capital, which often sits outside of community perpetuating systemic challenges, into regenerative community enterprises that accelerate the advancement of community wealth & well-being. 

The Okanagan Circular Society is in the pilot stage, and once proven, it can replicate and scale within other bioregions across Canada and around the world. As Circular Societies take root, it’s possible that a Global Circular Society could weave the self-governing bioregional economies together and pool vast resources for larger societal transformation in relatively short timeframes.

This creates a different possibility for the future, where, instead of a 2030 where “you own nothing and will be happy”, we could collectively create a 2030 where we own everything and are flourishing individually and collectively! 

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Together we can co-create a society that works for everyone!

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