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Transformative Consulting

Circular organizations and communities are living, breathing, and soulful. They take on a life of their own, while creating environments that foster both psychological and organizational growth. The transition to circularity first starts with developing foundational systems and relational capacities, then moves into co-creation / design, and finally the implementation of self-governing practices. 

Equila has the experience and training to guide transformative change for you. Together we will identify current challenges, visions of possibility, and chart a path of transformation that works for you.


Systems Foundations

Organizations and communities thrive when foundational systems are robust and resilient. Often there are blocks within systems, and/or, there are foundational areas that need development. 

This is true for both triangular and circular organizational systems, and Equila has the tools and wisdom to quickly understand unseen challenges, and then formulate pathways of development.

A solid organizational foundation is essential before advancing into self-governance, and development often includes a mix of: 

  • Systems mapping 
  • Relational assessments
  • Research & development
  • Financial, energy, &/or data modeling
  • Growth planning & implementation

Relational Development

Open and transparent dialogue is essential for individual, organizational, and community well-being. Triangular systems often suppress dialogue because they are not capable of dealing with the complexity open dialogue creates. The cost of suppressing dialogue compounds over time, and the shadow it creates can wreak havoc.

Circle practices are essential in fostering, and rebuilding, dialogic capacities suppressed within our current triangular systems. In general, circles are how we’ve gathered since the dawn of time, they ensure all voices are heard, cultivate new ideas and innovations, and bring to light suppressed shadow aspects. Circles honour diverse perspectives, while developing the ability to both express and listen into deeper wisdoms (individually and collectively).

Equila focuses on three circle practices:

  • Council – a dedicated circle practice, akin to group meditation, which fosters abilities to speak from the heart, listen attentively, and to bear witness to humanity in others.
  • Community Forums – a co-created series of conversations which cultivates community vision and voice, awareness of systemic shadow, and co-creation of community initiatives.
  • Restorative Justice – a process of restoring trust and open communication, while simultaneously repairing past harms. 


Utilizing the creative power of circle, design labs guide participants through collaborative processes that build relationships, foster innovation, and co-create actionable steps towards achieving shared vision! Each design lab is custom tailored to the needs of the client, and requires foundational scoping, research, and design. An example design lab utilized for ‘Venture Co-creation’ is shown.


The transition from triangular systems, with tiered-down power and siloed management systems, is where transformation really gets exciting. Circular / ecological systems utilize distributed power and decision-making to create environments where everyone is a leader – not just those empowered at the top.

Self-governance is guided by purpose, however, it’s not “airy fairy” or a “flat” structure. Rather, self-governance utilizes robust practices and processes to clearly distribute authority and domains of work, while also providing clear steps for roles within circles to change the structure for optimal performance. Self-governance harnesses the power of complexity and evolution, integrates the wholeness of circle, and utilizes evidence-based decision-making. 

As a business owner, investor, team member, and/or co-owner, you can trust self-governing systems, such as Holacracy & Sociocracy, to create the fertile ground for growth and innovation!

Beginning your Transformation Journey

Equila tailors the transformation journey specifically for you and your organization / community.  The intake begins with collecting some simple information, then we work through a creative session, and finally we generate a proposal specific for where you’re at.

1. Intake Form

The first step is completing a short form which provides an overview of your organization, the larger vision, and current challenges.

2. Assessment Session

Within this 60-90 minute session, we’ll explore the current systems and psychological fabric, while co-creating a map of possibilities, tensions, and pathways to achieve the larger vision.

3. Proposal

If there is interest to proceed, Equila will provide a short proposal on how we envision moving forward.   If revisions are required, we’ll adjust and finalize before advancing our transformative journey.

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