Transformation Guides

Equila’s experienced guides are passionate about business and community flourishing! The team has decades of experience from across a variety of sectors, each blending their technical skills with mature relational capacity to navigate the complexity of systems change.

Shane Lapp, P.Eng (non-practicing), M.A.

Ecosystems Co-Creation

With 20 years of experience in systems engineering, leadership roles in multiple successful startup businesses, a Master’s in Community Eco-Psychology, and 4 years of R&D on regenerative community frameworks, Shane brings in-depth insight into soul-centric businesses and communities.

Education & Professional Highlights

As an engineer, Shane spent over a decade at the forefront of green building and renewable power technologies, where his specialty was thermodynamics and data modeling.

In 2009, Shane took a leadership role within a start-up alternative power development firm, where he was groomed by a successful CEO and CFO, and within two years they had built the company into a $100+ million valuation. Additionally, Shane held executive roles within two other renewable energy technology firms and co-founded a software startup.

In 2016, after seeing limitations of mainstream business and community models to co-create a thriving and sustainable world, Shane began studying Community Eco-Psychology where he attained a Masters and invested four-years of R&D on transitional economics within holistic community frameworks.

    Personal Why

    Growing up on a rural acreage in Southern Alberta, Shane’s childhood was filled with outdoor adventures, dirtbike rides, and time spent working on local farms and ranches. His upbringing, for the most part, seemed typical.

    However, at the age of 13, Shane’s life was dramatically altered when his father tragically ended his life by suicide, a decision strongly influenced by community politics that left his father cornered. This experience accelerated mental health challenges for Shane, while simultaneously kindling his intrinsic drive for personal growth. Over the last 20 years, he has grown through group work, counseling, plant medicines, Vipassana meditations, and Eco-Psychotherapy.

    Shane is committed to co-creating businesses and communities that foster individual and collective potential so that other children can grow up in homes that are healthy and supportive of their psychological development.

    When timing and resources align, he is considering completing his PhD with a focus on Community Wealth Building, specifically on ecological community governance.

    Barri Harris, CPA, M.A.

    Organizational Transformation Expert

    As a former CFO, business leader, and change architect, Barri has spent more than 20 years transforming the way people work across public and private sectors. She has led and guided transformative change within multiple industries, including: high-tech, health care, entertainment, and transportation. 

    For more information, please visit The Eureka Project.